Patsy O` Hara

PATSY O`HARA is a five-piece hc-punk band from bielefeld/hamburg (germany). To discribe the sound it is better to discribe the current album „“…sings the bourgeois blues“. It is a huge improvement on every level, with the group’s hybrid mix of upbeat hardcore, punk, post-rock and good old fashioned rock ’n‘ roll – melting together to near perfection throughout their latest effort. The quintet puts on a riveting spectacle, with beatific swells of atmospheric and rocking hardcore – over the top, epic intertwined guitars – beautiful groovy bass lines – galloping, punchy drum patterns – demented, raspy screaming vocals. So all is said! Come and rock with the guys! You can listen the band here!

Source: Phobia Records


RESTMENSCH from hamburg (germany) playing punk rock. The band exists since 2012 and consists of ex members of „neue katatrophen“. You can listen the band here!

Source: Restmensch.blogsport


MEINHOF from london (uk) stand for raw, very vicious hardcore-crust, by the incredibly aggressive, raucous and mangy voice of the singer plus points collected both by the melodic guitar. The band is a three-piece band and play a little bit of the interface between crustcore and anarcho-punk. The lyrics are extremely political and resistant. About the name of the band they says „We are not a German band, we do NOT admire Urlike Meinhof and we do not support the Rote Armee Fraktion!“ You can listen the band here!

Source: Not Enough Store


CRUTCHES from malmö (sweden) is a political d-beat band were born from the ashes of Project Hopeless. The songs are angry yelled/shoted vocals, lyrics in Swedish, noisy and chaotic guitars and the usual D-beat drumming. The band says „Stay tuned for some more violent crushing A//E political d-beat madness straight out of Norragränges Malmö, Sweden! New noise on the way!!“ You can listen the band here!

Source: Crutches; Crust Demos


DEATHRITE is a four-piece band from leipzig/dresden (germany). Already smashing skulls and breaking necks with their releases. The sheer brutality of extreme metal and the high speed attacks in the vein of your favourite grindcore bands, all wrapped up by the no-bullshit- and fuck-you-attitude of Punk. The Band is undoubtedly the definite embodiment of the unholy alliance of music’s heaviest spawns. A mixture of NAILS, TRAP THEM,MIND ERASER,TRAGEDY,CWILL,INTEGRITY und NAPALM DEATH. You can listen the band here!

Source: Alerta Antifascista Records


RESET//MANKIND is a four-piece band with members of Rasta Knast, (ex-) Franz Wittichand and comes from hannover (germany). They are playing a catchy crust, punk, hardcore mix with great guitarsolos and melodies. Wipers meets Bombenalarm – Turbostaat meets From Ashes Rise? I have no idea – You can listen the band here!

Source: Antikörper-Export


MAYAK from bielefeld (germany) is an four-piece band and play thrash/black metal with a hint of dark hardcore. They played last year on the first kill the plastic smile festival and we are looking forward to have them here again. You can listen the band here!

Source: Fat Hoschi


Defused started the band in the beginning of 2009. The three-piece band is located near zurich (switzerland). Your sound is loud, fast and aggressive like hardcore-punk. The lyrics deal with the aspects and horrors of war, the day to day struggle, social problems, society or politics. They sound like The Casualties, Total Chaos or The Restarts. You can listen the band here!


Moribund Scum

MORIBUND SCUM is a four-piece band from braunschweig (germany). They are influenced by thrash metal or in other words a metal crust band that can easily be placed in both territories, metal and crust punk. The music will be accompanied by metal driven guitar riffs with some nice leading parts, rough vocals and socio/political lyrics, fast and steady drum beat with some slower mid paced parts that lead to emotional passages. You can listen the band here!

Source: Crust-Demos


UNFIXED is an alter-ego of a London based international punk trio – MEINHOF. The same line up, but the music is less crusty, more 80s UK punk infuenced. This is a set of sharp catchy punk shrapnels sung by a singer / bass player with a usual passion of the volcano giving its end to rotten Pompei world. You can listen the band here!

Source: Active Distribution

Herida Profunda

HERIDA PROFUNDA is a aggressive crust monster from poland. The three-piece band plays a grinding crust sound that will blow you right away. Think about HERESY, early NAPALM DEATH and very early BOLT THROWER. You can listen the band here!

Source: Fat Hoschi


RUINS is a four-piece band from bielefeld (germany).The Band have current/former members of such bands as PATSY O‘ HARA or SHOYU SQUAD. They play a killer style of hardcore, punk, and crust that’s highly influenced by classic hardcore, punk, and crust bands such as Cursed, The Holy Mountain, and His Hero Is Gone as well as German hardcore/crust bands such as Planks, Perth Express, and Alpinist. Prepare to be blown away! You can listen the band here!

Source: Maniac Compressed, Bis Aufs Messer

Barren Hope

BARREN HOPE is a four-piece band band. They comes from the town Haifa (Israel) and is part of the interesting scene that also brought us Kid’s Insane. Their influences seem to be a lot broader than the basic hardcore sound, drawing inspiration from the likes of Alpinist, His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy. Their record company is actually an art/graffiti/music collective. At the end of 2013 Barren Hope released their debut album Anaffa. Anaffa could be described as a sludge/hardcore album, but it comes down to highly emotional and heavy music, categories matter less. You can listen the band here!

Source: Heavy Portrayals, SWNK


PARASIGHT is a four-piece band. They comes from copenhagen (denmark) and remind me of the melodic yet still aggressive and dark sound of bands like Paragraf 119, End Of All, To What End?, Shades of Grey with a significant touch of d-beat madness akin to Victims or Wolfbrigade. Lyrics are mostly political and personal and in danish. The band has played multiple shows around skandinavia and the UK and consist of old timers within the Copenhagen scene. You can listen the band here!

Source: DIY Conspiracy Zine, Alerta Antifascista Records